Design Team

SALU was constructed at the Benetti shipyard in Fano, eastern Italy.

It is described by the manufacturers as a ‘semi-custom’ yacht, indicating that the hull and superstructure are produced in GRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastic) from a mould, which cannot be modified for a customer.

However the yard offers a number of ‘extras’, virtually of all which have been added to SALU. Where a semi-custom yacht can be personalised is by the interior design and interior features. Interpreting the ‘semi’ in ‘semi-custom’ at its most fluid, SALU’s entire unique interiors were created by the UK’s Sarah King Designs and are a refreshing departure from the conventions of motor yacht interiors. Working with Sarah were a small team of talented and dedicated professionals who have helped make SALU a remarkable yacht in her class.

Chartering SALU

If you are interested in chartering SALU, please contact any recognised charter broker.