Hollie Noades

Hollie grew up in Newquay on the north coast of Cornwall, England. The town is a popular holiday destination and her exposure to visiting tourists ignited Hollie’s curiosity for travel and interest in hospitality.

In her teenage years, Hollie developed a passion for acting which led her to three years studying performing arts at college. During this time, she toured Europe with her drama group, performing Shakespeare.

Having completed her college education, Hollie moved to Australia for three years and visited many destinations in Asia and South America. Hollie yearned to combine travelling with her love for hospitality and working on superyachts perfectly answered her dream.

Since joining the industry, she has been fortunate enough to work on a 46 metre private yacht on which she experienced two Atlantic crossings, the canals of Canada, the Caribbean islands, the British Virgin Islands and the east coast of America.

Hollie joined SALU in March 2017.

Chartering SALU

If you are interested in chartering SALU, please contact any recognised charter broker.