AVA ROACHE Stewardess


Ava was born in Taranaki in North Island, New Zealand. A coastal and mountainous region, Taranaki is known for its stunning beaches, award winning dairy farms and the dramatic Mount Taranaki. She grew up on farms raising various livestock such as goats, sheep, pigs, foals and calves.

Ava loved her life close to the water in New Zealand but dreamt of exploring the rest of the world, so when she learnt of the superyacht industry she instantly knew where she must make her career for the years to come. She ditched her gumboots and moved to Auckland to find work in the hospitality business in preparation for her chosen career as a stewardess.

In 2018 she began her journey in what she describes as ‘this wonderful line of work’, in which she is able to indulge her passion of guest service and see many new and beautiful places whilst doing so. Ava is thrilled to have joined Salu in 2019 for her second year as a stewardess.

Chartering SALU

If you are interested in chartering SALU, please contact any recognised charter broker.